How to change your look easily

The T-Switch stands out from the usual sneakers because its patented method of changing the tongue and strap allows you to mix different colors and styles in a few seconds.
Watch the video to find out how easy it is to change!

Have fun mixing colors and materials to create and exploit the potential of these sneakers and express yourself to the fullest

How do replacement laces work?

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Along with each T-Switch, you will find two bags with spare laces: Normal and Large.
The Normal ones are the same size as the laces already mounted on the sneakers you own and are used to replace the laces in the event of breakages.
The laces in the Large bag, however, are larger in size and must be replaced with those already mounted if you feel that the sneaker is too tight on the instep. There are 6 laces because they only replace the first 3 at the top for each sneaker, there is no need to change all 12.
To remove the laces, just pull them until they come out of the eyelets, to put them back on, pass one end through the eyelet and then pull it from the inside until it fits completely.